Faster - More Flexible
Omega 740 - Harness Manufacturing
Wire Stripping Groundbraking Product
Mira 340 - New Generation Wire Stripping Machine
Japanese Technology İn Pull-Off Test
ACT 1000N - Automatic Pull-off Test Device

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Pb Swiss Tools - High Quality Hand Tools

%100 Made in Switzerland - Durable Hand Tools

Komax Microlab 10 Quality Tools

Micrograph labo­ratory

Laselec Sylade 7H - 2017 Productronica Innovation Award

Laser Wire Stripper

Komax Mira 340 - Rotary Blade - Wire Stripper Up To 16 Mm²

Wire Stripper Machine

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Mira 340 - Wire Stripper
Komax Omega 740 - Crimping Machine
Laselec Sylade 7H
IMADA Automatic Crimp Tester ACT-1000N
Komax Iota 330 - Wire Cutting
Komax Microlab 30 Quality Tools

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