About Us

Unitek was founded in 2000 to produce professional solutions for the harness industry.

Unitek is the only Turkish distributor of the leading companies, that produce machinery & tooling for electrical & electronic sector. the main power of the company is its growing day-by-day organisation. If a solution is required in the harness market, it will be available at Unitek.

Our team:

has a minimum of 5 years of experience is a highly effective and dynamic one.


- Investment calculation based on projects,

- Choosing the right machinery & tooling,

- Delegation planning,

- Machine design & production for special purposes,

- Process design,

- Activities for lean manufacturing,  

- Machine & tooling sales,

- Machine & tooling installation / training,

- Technical trainings, 

- For special purposes, machine design & production,

- Machine automation application,

- Regular preventive maintenance services,

- Spare parts sales,

- Downtime & maintenance services,

- Machine recovery,

- Second hand machine sales under warranty,

- Consultancy service,

- Manufacture and sale of test and control systems,

- Machine and assembly automation, robot applications,

- Design, engineering, reverse engineering, counselling services,

- To develop softwares related to our scope,




Komax AG is a Swiss company that is the leader in the harness sector in the world.

Here are some products of Komax AG’ s range:



Stripping machines 

Cutting / stripping machines 

Full automatic processing machines (the applications of terminal, seal, tinning, connector)

Cable unbinders

Twisting machines

Marking machines

Special cable processing systems

Multifunctional presses (with quality controls / stripper units / seal applications) 

Full automatic machines

Schunk Sonosystems Gmbh

A German company. Schunk Sonosystems GmbH is the leader producer of metal welding machines for the electric & electronic sector.

The group is divided into four core areas, one of which is the Schunk Sonosystems Division. Two companies belong to this division: Schunk Sonosystems GmbH, Germany, and STAPLA Ultrasonics Inc., USA

Mecal S.R.L.

An Italian Company. Mecal produces applicators & presses for terminal processes.

The best company when you looked at the cost / performance ratio of its products.

Zoller + Fröhlich Gmbh

A German Company. Zoller + Fröhlich Gmbh produces ferrules and ferrules’ toolings like machines & handtools for distribution boards.


Swiss Company. WDT Tooltech AG produces handtool & benchtop machines for electronic connection  and preparation processes.

Mecalbi – Engineering Solutions, Lda.

A Portugal company. Mecalbi produces machines & test systems for heat shrinks  

Sle Quality Engineering Gmbh & Co. Kg

A German Company. Sle Quality Engineering Gmbh produces quality (especially crimp quality) monitoring systems. Sle Quality Engineering Gmbh was overtaken by Komax.AG.

Pb Swiss Tools

A Swiss Company. A highly qualified hand tool producer...

Be-Ri Feıntechnık Rıttmeyer

A German Company.  Be-Ri Feintechnik Rittmeyer produces stripping, cutting & marking machines.  Their area of expertise is special cables.

Imada Co. Ltd.

A Japanese company. Imada produces high quality, low cost force measurement devices.

Kabatec Gmbh & Co. Kg

A German company. Professional at taping systems. KABATEC  GmbH & Co. KG took over the company: Ondal Tape Processing GmbH. Afterawhile Kabatec was over taken by Komax AG.


Laselec, a French company, is the market leader in the field of laser wire marking, laser wire cutting and overbraiding.


Rennsteig, a German company, offers practical solutions with presses and professional hand tools in the field of cutting, stripping and crimping.

Ricardo & Barbosa

Established in 1978, Ricardo & Barbosa is one of the largest portuguese references in the manufacture of high precision tools for Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Oil&Gas and Aeronautics industries. With two production facilities (Portugal and Mexico), and permanent distributon in seven countries in three continents, we are currently present in more than twenty six countries around the world.


Komax Group firması olan Exmore, kablo bağlantı teknolojisindeki sürekli değişkenlik gösteren özel uygulamalar için programlanabilir özelliklere sahip, sürdürülebilir makineler geliştiricisidir.