Article number: MSEP/D

Mecal Msep/D Applicator

Two-post crimping pneumatic applicator

Two-post crimping die for big linked terminals rolled over a reel to be unrolled « right to left », with material thickness above 1.5 mm., wire section up to 75 mm².

Terminal pitch not binding.Continuous crimping height adjusting system. Pneumatic « side-feed » feeding system.

All the wearing parts can be replaced without removing the applicator from the press. Can be fitted to any crimping press having a crimping height (measured from the die mounting plate to the press coupling when at Bottom Dead Center) of 212mm (see Mecal Press P104).

It is supplied with a complete technical documentation containing all the information needed to safely use and correctly maintain the equipment. Upon request, a capability study (including a picture of a sectioned crimped terminal)) can be performed. Cycle counter non available.

Crimping eight                          212mm (8.35")

Stroke                                               50mm (1.968")

Terminal thickness                       > 1,5mm

Wire section                                     max. 75mm²

Feeding systems                        5/6 Bar

Weight                                         17,0Kg (37,4lb)

Dimension mm                            W450xH210xD157

Dimension (")                                   17.7"x8.26"x5.9"