Article number: MRFS

Mecal Mrfs Restyling With Manual Slide Applicator

terminal for cast iron applicator

Scope of application


The front-feed mini applicator with a manual MRFS slider is designed to crimp terminals with a 1.2 mm thickness NOT tied in a band or concatenated, with wires having different sections.

Next generation mini applicator realised in a cast iron body, easy replacement of the spare parts by front fastening of the pieces, wide accessibility and facility for the various adjustments.

The mini applicator is comprised of a seven-digit piece counter (non-resettable) for control of the consumable parts, a slider with a 60 mm run with protective guard, end stop sensor, and wire locking clamps.

To change the height of crimping, there are fixed notch adjustment heads or, by request, a continuous adjustment head. The mini applicator is supplied with a complete technical documentation that includes the machine data (model, serial number, values emerging during inspection), technical parts complete with code numbers and references of all parts, the exploded view and use and maintenance manual.

Crimping height                             135,8mm (5,346")  

Stroke                                               40/30mm (1,575/1,18")

Terminal pitch                               Loose

Terminal thickness                        < 1,2mm (<0,047")  

Wire section                                     max 10mm²       

Feeding systems                         5/6 bar  

Weight                                         3,2kg (7,1Ib)  

Dimensions mm                           W79,5xH145,5xD157+60mm