Article number: MP002

Delta 240 - Crimper

Delta 240 - Crimper Machine

Scope of application

Full Strip Half Strip

Focus on precision and quality
Quality is a top priority for the Deltas. Crimp height and pull-out force are checked and learned before each order; on request at the
central measuring station (QCenter). The crimp force is evaluated in each cycle to eliminate errors (see CFA box). The bad
crimp cutter prevents faulty parts from being processed further and any subsequent costs from being incurred. All settings can be
accessed from the memory; only the crimp height is set manually on the Delta 220. The precise and robust mechanics also
contribute to the high quality. CFA values can be stored at a central measuring station (QCenter). The KomaxPrint software can be
used to print reports with the CFA results.

High productivity
The linking of the stripping, crimping and, in the case of Delta 260, the seal insertion processes in a single work step helps
to increase efficiency. The quick-change system for the applicator
and the programmed settings enable the shortest possible changeover times to be achieved.
Stripping and terminal strip remnants are collected in waste containers. If desired, a suction unit can be used to transport the
waste into an external container.

One processing position for everything
The Delta series has a fixed processing position, i.e. the wire is not moved, which is particularly advantageous for pre-assembled
wires with connectors, sensors or other components.

The crimp force can be monitored using both Komax CFA and Komax
CFA+. The parameters are identical to those for the crimp modules on fully automatic machines. CFA and CFA + are important
elements of quality assurance. The areas of the crimp force curve are
specifically evaluated in adjustable zones so that the following errors
can be detected:
– Missing strands
– Incorrect conductor cross-sections
– Insulation in the conductor crimp

Brilliant color display with optimized interaction
The new Komax HMI Delta user interface impresses with its clear graphics, enhanced user guidance, language selection and
context-sensitive help function.

Exchange of quality data with central measuring station (QCenter)
The Komax REST-based standard protocol MIKO provides the basis for connecting to a control system or for implementing special
solutions such as color detection or material verification.

Delta 240

Touch panel: 7 ” color display, wide VGA 800 × 480, scratch-resistant glass

User interface Graphical multilingual user interface HMI-Delta, context sensitive help

Functions Sequential processing

Storage 5000 articles, 1000 wires, 500 terminals

Ethernet data interface for SW updates, Manufacturing Interface Komax (MIKO), connection

to QCenter software, control system connection, color recognition or material

verification possible (special application)

Cross-section range: 0.03 – 6.6 mm² (AWG 32 – 9)

Max. crimp force: 20 kN/4500 lbf

Stroke (programmable): 10 – 40 mm (0.394 – 1.575 in.)

Shut height: standard 135.8 mm (5.346 in.),

on request 118.3 – 174.8 mm (4.657 – 6.882 in.)

Stroke repeat accuracy: Delta 220 = 0.012 mm ( 0.00047 in.)

Delta 240, Delta 260 = 0.006 mm ( 0.00024 in.)

Crimp height adjustment: automatic, programmable

+ 0.2 mm … -0.8 mm (0.008 … - 0.031 in.)

Split cycle for closed terminals: 1 – 20 mm (0.04 - 0.787 in.)

Applicators: Mini-applicator with T-tool fixture

Crimp force monitoring: Integrated, evaluation according to Komax CFA+ or CFA

Central measuring station: With QCenter SW (optional)

Full Strip
Half Strip