Article number: Be-ri-AM.Strip 2

Be-Ri-Am.Strip 2 Pneumatic Stripping

Pneumatic Stripping Machine

The Am.Strip.2, Am.Strip. 2 V and Am.Strip.2/35 are universal semi-automatic stripping machines for the economical production of small to medium series. The use of special knives to suit the cable being processed allows nearly all standard cables to be handled. All machine retooling can be done in seconds without tools. When prism knives are used, the machine adapts automatically from the standard setting to other cross – sections up to 6 mm2 (depending on cable).

Diameter range of round cables         from 1,0 – 25 mm

Flat band cables                                up to 30 mm width

Max. strip length                                up to 120 mm

Dimensions (WxDxH)                         430 x 550 x 200 mm

Pneumatic connection                          6–7 bar 

Full Strip
Flat Cable / Notching
Multi Conductor Cable