Son Teknoloji Conta Rayı

Conta Rayı İstasyonu
  • More robust and stable al feeding on sealtrack → especially mini seals
  • Vibration parameters can be stored in SST
  • New design of the SST generation efficient seal feding at lower vibration intensity
  • Standard seal – Prodcut output: 3‘500 ~ 4‘000 pcs/h
  • Mini seals: Upto~ 4‘000 pics/h
  • Easy to maintain (no more changing of spring plate on sub construction)
  • Longer lifetime compared with BST
  • Less Energy Consumption(power and air) thanks to efficient seal feeding
  • Lower vibration intensity reduces overloading the magnets–minimized failure of components
  • No droping out of seals thanks thought-out device on the Plexiglass disc.