Article number: 91013


Taping machine

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping
  • The Taping Machine KTR 10 CS is a compact desktop machine.
  • It quickly and reliably completes the most diverse taping tasks.
  • A combined system for length measurement and feed ensures a compact design and makes the KTR 10 CS an economic tool for your production of cable kits.
  • A form or assembly board is no longer required in most cases.
  • The selection of proven components for our machines guarantees virtually maintenance-free and reliable operation.
  • Our machines are customized to your product according to the type and requirements of your application.

Application                                  Taping of simple cable kits and modules e.g. (door cable kits,mirror wiring, battery cable kits,roof cable kits, among others)

Tape material                                All conventional adhesive tape

Rotational  speed                        100 -1000 rpm, incl. winding head positioning unit

Feed rate                                      0 – 40 mm/rotation

Programming                              via touch panel, 3 steps

Cable harness diameter                 up to 20mm (or as per customer requirements)

Tape width                                   9-19mm (or as per customer requirements)

Connection                                   1-phase 230V/50Hz, 6 bar compressed air

Dimensions (W × H × D)                 590 x 930 x 730 mm

Weight                                                 90 kg (incl. extension)

Spiral Taping