Article number: 94002


Taping machine

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping
  • Compact machine for cable harnesses with a wide variety of requirements.
  • Unrestricted number of programs in conjunction with an industrial PC.
  • 2-axle high-dynamic drives, implemented with the latest Siemens drive concept.
  • Freely-positionable linear axis with clamp fixture for a wide variety of connector housings or line stops.
  • Precise length measurement via the linear measurement system from 500 mm to 3000 mm according to customer requirement.
  • Programming via touch panel or industrial PC.
  • Winding head revolutions 1000 rpm.
  • Low-maintenance and reliable in operation through the use of proven components.
  • Manufacturing of complex cable harnesses is possible without the use of a form board or assembly board.
  • Optional: can be networked.

Application                                Taping of complex cable kits and modules with accurate sequenced winding steps.

Rotational  speed                      100 – 1000 rpm, programmable

Feed rate                                    0 – 50 rpm

Programming                           Via Touch-Panel,optional via industry-PC

Tape end detection                    Non-contact

Cable harness diameter               up to 20 mm

Tape width                                   9–19 mm (or according to customer request), max. 25 mm

Connection                                 3-phase 230V/400V-50Hz,

Dimensions (W × H × D)                1800 x 1400 x 900 mm

Weight                                               450 kg

Height adjustment​                       Optional

Spiral Taping