Article number: 97000


Bundling Machine

Scope of application

Spot Insulate Bundle

Excellent value for money

  • Efficient, low-wear cutting blade system
  • Low-maintenance spot taping machine with robust design and pneumatic drive
  • Up to 80% lower material costs compared to heat-shrink tubing or caps

Minimal space requirements

  • Very compact integration of components
  • Pneumatic connection directly on the device (no control cabinet)
  • All adjustments can be carried out directly on the machine

Fast and reliable

  • Up to 50% less processing time compared to manual production
  • Adjustment settings for up to four layers of tape
  • Optimal for integration in fully automated processes

Application                                Bundling, fixing, insulating, marking,labeling

Tape material                              All conventional adhesive tape

Tape width                                  9 – 50 mm

Tape core diameter                     3-40mm

Bundle  diameter                        1.5" and 3"

Dimensions (W × H × D)                 350 × 500 × 450 mm

Weight                                                15kg