Article number: 93004


Taping tool

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping

Time savings through continuous taping process

  • Higher rotational speed with continuous hand movement
  • Integrated cutting device

Developed for production of shorter tape lengths

  • Processes conventional adhesive tape widths up to 19mm and a tape core diameter of 1,5" or 1,25"

High quality in a manually guided process

  • Consistent tape tension and guiding guaranteewrinkle-free taping
  • Controlled process through constant hand motion with the mobile device. 

Application                                                                           For short and long segments in both directions on form and assembly boards

Tape material                                                                         All conventional adhesive tape

Tape width                                                                             9 – 19 mm

Tape core diameter                                                              1,5", optional 1,25" or 1"

Required distance between harness and board​                                                                    100 mm

Taping diameter                                                                  3 – 20 mm

Dimensions (W × H × D)                                                           155 × 250 × 30 mm

Weight                                                                                            0.36 kg

Spiral Taping