Article number: 99003


Taping machine

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping

Time savings thanks to simple and ergonomic handling

• Immediately ready for operation thanks to extremely easy installation and operation

• Operable in various work positions without major preparation or training

• Simple and fast integration into assembly lines

• Integrated cutting device


Efficient with shorter tape lengths

• Developed for production of shorter tape lengths and unit quantities

• Processes conventional adhesive tapes

• Wide processing spectrum of tape widths and roll sizes


Highest quality in an operator-guided process

• Consistent tape tension, guaranteed wrinkle-free taping

• Controlled, two-handed process thanks to the stationary machine.

Application                                  Taping from short to medium distances

Tape materials                               All conventional adhesive tapes

Tape width                                 9 – 19 mm, optional 25 mm

Tape core diameter                       1.5" and 3", optional 1.25" or 1"

Tape outer diameter                      max. 110 mm

Taping diameter                         3 – 25 mm

Rotational speed                          120 –380 rpm

Power supply                                110 – 230 V, 50/60Hz

Working voltage                           19 V DC

Dimensions (W × H × D)               150 × 250 × 256 mm

Weight                                            4.2 kg

Spiral Taping