Article number: 96500


Taping machine

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping

Open winding head for radial adding or pay-out of branches.

• Two level safety cover.

• Automatic cutting device.

• Device to reduce the unwind-force of the tape.

• Unlimited number of programs.

• 3-axle high-dynamics drives, implemented with the latest-Siemens drive concept

• Freely-positionable linear axis with clamp fixture for a wide variety of connector housings

• Precise length measurement thanks to a combined linear/belt system

• Programming via Industrial PC 19“ touch colour.

• Visualisation of work steps.

• Database connection.

• Robust, low-maintenance winding head drive.

• Winding head revolutions – 1000 rpm.

• Integrated 19” keyboard drawer.

• Low-maintenance and reliable in operation through the use of proven components.

Application                                Compact machine for cable harnesses with a wide variety of requirements.

Tape material                              All conventional adhesive tape

Tape width                                  9–19 mm (or according to customer request), max. 25 mm

Tape outer diameter                     up to 180 mm

Tape core diameter                      1.5" and 3"

Rotational  speed                         100 – 1000 rpm, programmable

Feed rate                                       0 – 50 rpm, programming via industry-pc, 19”-touch, color

Feed operation                             Pneumatic /  6 Bar

Cable harness diameter                  up to 40 mm

Connection                                   3-phase 230V/400V-50Hz,

Dimensions (W × H × D)                  1850 x 1950 x 1000 mm

Weight                                                 590 kg

Height adjustment​                       Standard

Spiral Taping