Article number: 91500


Taping machine

Scope of application

Overlap Spiral Taping

Attractive introduction to program-controlled taping

• Excellent value for money

• Simple operation and low training requirements

• Compact, low-maintenance and reliable machine design


High process precision

• Millimeter-precise length measurement thanks to linear feed

• Reproducible taping quality through program control

• Consistent tape tension and tape guidance guarantees wrinkle-free taping compared to manual processes

• Control of the winding head speed via foot pedal possible

Application                                  Fast and precise taping of simple cable harnesses and modules in high volumes

Tape material                              All conventional adhesive tape

Tape width                                  9 – 19 mm

Tape outer diameter                     up to 180 mm

Tape core diameter                      1.5" and 3"

Rotational  speed                        100 – 1000 U/min, speed control continuously via foot pedal

Winding head                              Open or closed      placed automatically in tape attachment position

Feed rate                                      1 – 40 mm/rotation, programmable

Feed operation                             Pneumatic /  6 Bar

Cable harness diameter                 up to 20 mm

Connection                                   230V/400V-50Hz,

Dimensions (W × H × D)                 1555 × 600 x 730 mm incl. Extension

Weight                                                 125 kg (incl. extension)

Spiral Taping