Article number: 91006


Taping machine

Small, quick, reliable, cost-effective and thus absolutely economical: the perfect machine for efficient and cost-effective production.

The KTR 10 is a must for any cables harness production facility.

Cable harnesses can be taped in no time fl at as the machine is simple to handle, easy to use and because the winding head can be quickly positioned.

Wherever cable harnesses have to be enclosed, KABATEC offers a solution in line with market requirements with the KTR 10 Taping Machine.

The compact design and versatility of this machine make it possible to meet your requirements quickly.

The components for our machines have been selected to guarantee virtually maintenance-free and reliable operation.

Our machines are customized to your product according to the type and requirements of your application

This is possible because we can provide comprehensive in-house services ranging from project management, design and production to customer service.

Application                                Taping of simple or pre-fixed cable harness

Tape material                              All conventional adhesive tape

Tape width                                  9 – 19 mm

Tape outer diameter                    up to 180 mmTape core diameter 1.5" and 3"

Rotational  speed                        100 – 1000 U/min, speed control continuously via foot pedal

Winding head                              Open or closed      placed automatically in tape attachment position

Feed rate                                      0 – 70 rpm, continuously adjustable roll-feed

Feed operation                             Pneumatic /  6 Bar

Cable harness diameter                 up to 20 mm

Connection                                  1-phase 230 V / 50 Hz    

Dimensions (W × H × D)                  590 x 600 x 730 mm

Weight                                                 90 kg

Spiral Taping