Article number: 0081000

Komax Dps 272 Wire Handling

Dps 272 – Coiler

The Komax dps 272 coiler is the perfect choice for coiling over-length cables. With its dual-drum design and automatically sliding safety cover, processing is fast, reliable and safe. You can enter any setting you wish for the inside diameter (100mm to 300mm) and outside diameter (maximum of 400mm) of the coil. All specific settings for the coiler can be entered conveniently from the OMI. Gentle processing, a user-friendly design and a large range of possible uses are what set this model apart.

While one wire is being removed from one drum, another wire is simultaneously wound in the second drum at the press of a pedal. The rotating drum is automatically shielded by a sliding cover. The wire speed is synchronized with that of the Komax basic machine. The optimized transport processes ensure that the wire is coiled as gently as possible. Coiling of manually fed wire is available as an option. 

  • High-performance coiler thanks to dual drum design
  • Gentle coiling of wire
  • Easy to operate thanks to OMI
  • Large processing range

Conductor diameter                                  max. 15mm

Conductor length                                      approx. 1000mm

Inside coiling diameter                             100-300mm

Outside coiling diameter                          max. 400mm 

Coiling height / push-through height    max. 150mm

Coil weight                                                   max. 10kg

RPM of turtable / speed                             max. 400min-1

Electrical connection                                 230V, 50/60Hz 115V, 50/60Hz 

Compressed air connection                   4-8bar 

Dimensions(WxHxD)                                 950x1250x800mm

Weightapprox.                                      120kg 



                                                                                        dps 261

K 206 / 206-S                                                                     x

Kappa 310                                                                         x

Kappa 320                                                                         x

Kappa 322                                                               x 

Kappa 330                                                               x 

Kappa 350                                                               x