Article number: Touch screen

Komax Touch Screen

There is now a simple and intuitive touch screen control for the Alpha 355 and Gamma 263 S that is so easy to use.

You can now control the Alpha 355 and the Gamma 263 S machines from a touch screen. You simply type on the screen directly with your finger or an appropriate stylus instead of using a mouse and keyboard. When you are typing the number for the wire length, for example, a 10-number keypad appears automatically, allowing you to type in the new length directly. You will probably continue to rely on mouse and keyboard for complex functions or for text entry.

With the touch screen, machine operations will seem much easier and more intuitive. You keep using the reliable TopWin graphical user interface, so no additional training is required.

System requirement:

TopWin version higher than 10.3

  • Operate the machine with your finger or a stylus
  • Even greater user friendliness
  • Same reliable graphical user interface
  • Screen content easier to read because the controls and fonts were enlarged