Article number: Smartvision

Komax Sl Smartvision

Smart analysis of micrographs

Supported and automatic measuring for quality control – the SmartVision software is just the tool the market demands for this purpose. The program analyzes the micrographs of the widest variety of crimp connections established on the market. It can photograph, measure, evaluate and document the entire ter­minal in addition to transverse and longitudinal sections. It guides users reliably through the standard and the respective measured variables. SL Smart­Vision is available new or as an upgrade of SL Vision III.

SmartVision lets you analyze the most important measured variables automatically and manually. “Guided measuring” is a function available for each measurement.


It greatly simplifies the measuring procedure for users. They are guided reliably and efficiently through the measuring procedure. The results are saved in a database and can be depicted as a report.

SmartVision is easy to integrate in the production system of companies: You can freely configure system authorizations, the report templates and other standards.

The program also offers various language add-ons. It provides fast-response support for implementation and use, so compa­-nies profit quickly from the SmartVision software.

Analyzes all common types of crimps

  • B crimp
  • IDC
  • Longitudinal section
  • Aluminum
  • Copper

Quick analysis thanks to deposited industry standards

  • USCAR 21
  • PSA 9634115099
  • TYCO 114-18022-10
  • Renault 36-05-019
  • VW-Norm 60330