Komax Microlab 10 Quality Tools

Microlab 10

Quality assurance compact and mobile

Quick and efficient, regardless of location

  • Compact and complete mobile micrograph laboratory in a carry-case
  • Simple, intuitive usage
  • Short processing time and rapid creation of images
  • Precise evaluation of images using SmartVision software
  • SmartVision yazılımı sayesinde, hassasiyet ile resim oluşturma


Equipped for all processing steps

  • Cutting up to 5 mm²
  • Polishing at 20’000 rpm.
  • Etching up to 5 mm²
  • Visualization and evaluation



The MicroLab 10 enables micrographs to be taken quickly and easily regardless of the location. It covers all relevant processing steps – from cutting and polishing to etching and visualization. The compact carry-case design enables the quality of crimp and splice connections to be assessed with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness.


Compact, smart and reliable

Available in a portable carry-case, the compact MicroLab 10 is designed for contacts and conductors of up to 2.5 mm in diameter.


The samples can be quickly clamped in the holder – no re-clamping for all processing steps. The laboratory’s components include autonomous, independent preparation, evaluation and documentation modules. A complete on-site analysis can therefore be performed within a short period of time. A USB digital camera with a microscope is integrated into the lab for visualization purposes and to ensure complete documentation. The user-friendly, intuitive SmartVision software allows the user to analyze the images quickly and precisely.


The mobile MicroLab 10 requires virtually no maintenance.

Quick, mobile quality assurance

Conclusive micrographs can be taken at any time on a random basis, thereby enabling quality defects to be detected and preventing expensive breakdowns. The mobile design of the MicroLab 10 means that production approval decisions can be made on-site without delay. The measurements can be analyzed with the integrated software SmartVision.



The optimum software for micrograph analysis is integrated as standard

  • Photograph
  • Measure
  • Evaluate
  • Document

Processing range

Ø 0.3 – 2.5 mm

Cross section range

up to 5 mm²

Voltage supply

230 VAC, 50 Hz, 300 Watt

Dimensions (W × H × D)

500 × 360 × 450 mm


approx. 20 kg