The Alpha 477 fully automatic double crimping machine allows you to process two different wires simultaneously to produce your choice of double crimp or single wires. With four processing stations at the lead termination and two at the trailing end, you have a large number of possible processes at your command.

  • No conversion required when switching from double crimp to single wire production
  • Double crimp connections can be produced side-by-side or one above the other
  • An ergonomic layout assures the operator optimum accessibility and minimal walking/reaching distances.
  • Integrated quality monitoring (CFA, CFA+, SPM) with automatic post-production of defective parts
  • Networking possibilities with reliable WPCS and KomaxCAO


The two wire drives are fitted with highly dynamic AC-servo axes and an integrated anti-slip system. With this sophisticated handling technology, two wires can be fed in parallel and their ends cut to length and terminated in a controlled process. Wires are handled gently throughout. For example, the gripping force exerted on the two wires can be programmed separately and saved for each wire.

The two wires are brought together in the double gripper module, where double crimps can be produced either side by side or one above the other. 

Maximum flexibility

The machine is laid out to accommodate up to six processing stations. When combined with the double gripper module, integrated as part of the standard equipment, and the double wire drive, the Alpha 477 can produce V connections out of two different wires with two different seals and three different crimp contacts. It can handle cross section ratios from 1:4 onward with no trouble at all as well as total cross sections as large as 6mm². With a mere click of your mouse, you can choose between double crimp and single wire processing or switch from one job to another.

Wire deposit system

The standard configuration of the Alpha 477 includes a wire deposit system with batch sorting. This deposit system assures a reliable transition from one batch to the next, even when the machine is producing double crimp connections. An integrated head separation feature is also now featured in the deposit system. It allows the two wires to be separated at the end with the double crimp. If placed in a portable deposit tray, the processed wires can then be removed easily and conveniently outside the safety zone.


Maximum ease of operation

The machine has a large swivel radius of 400mm and an upward opening safety cover, making it highly accessible to the operator. An expandable wire deposit system plus the TopWin user interface are two further user friendly features that assure great ease of operation.


The optional interface WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Stand-ard) allows Komax machines to be networked under TopWin. With this open interface, the machine is easy to integrate into existing production sequences.

TopNet is a clearly arranged mana-gement software with functions for the centralized creation and management of parts, articles and jobs that help you to optimize your production operations.

TopConvert can be used to convert already existing job and article lists to WPCS format. This data can then be directly processed by fully automatic crimping machines.

Processing modules

The Alpha 477 can be customized with various accessories to meet specific customer needs:

  • mci 712/722 crimping module
  • mci 765 C seal module
  • mci 792 sleeve module
  • mci 782 twisting module
  • Fluxing/Tinning ioc 785
  • MIL crimp module
  • AEH module for end sleeve for strand
  • Wire end solidifying


There are a number of different accessories available with which you can adapt the Komax Alpha 477 to your own specific needs and expand its capabilities as desired.

Preliminary wire processing

  • Ink jet marker
  • Hot stamp marker
  • Wire feed systems

Crimping module accessories

  • Paper winder
  • Carrier strip chopper
  • Valve set for pneumatically operated advance
  • Pressure regulation set
  • Monitoring of length-wise and cross-wise transport of terminals

Process monitoring

  • Anti-slipping system (ASS)
  • Crimp force analyzer (CFA/CFA+)
  • Seal position monitoring (SPM)
  • Splice detection
  • Quality assuranceKomax 331, 341, 371, Generic Barcodescanner

Wire deposit systems

  • Conveyor belt, basic module, 2m or 4m
  • Conveyor belt, extension module, 4m

Further accessories

  • Wire measurement table
  • Tower light
  • Magnifying glass
  • Keypad
  • Deposit table for control cabinet
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Set for small gauges
  • Set for non-halogen wires
  • Air-conditioner


Komax offer to you an optimal support by individual Service offers.

  • After-Sales Service
  • Production Assistance
  • Certified Training Courses
  • Feasibility Test

Length range​             60mm - 80000mm (2.36in - 3149.61in)

                                   As optional, length range can start with 35 mm.

Length accuracy​        ±0.2% (min. ±1mm)

Stripping lengths         0.1-35 mm, for each ends.

Wire cross sections*    0.22 mm² – 4 mm² ( AWG24–AWG12 )
                                    Optional from 0.13 mm² ( AWG26 )
                                    Cross section ratio > 1:4
                                    Double crimp (wire A+B) < 6 mm²

Wire feed speed             max. 10m/s

Noise level                     <75 dB ( Without crimp module)

Power supply                3x208-480V/50-60Hz; 7kVA

Pneumatic connection   5–6 bar

Air consumption            22 m3/h

Weight                           Approx. 1900kg

(including 2m conveyor belt, two crimping modules and two seal modules)

Extremely hard and tough wires may not be able to be processed even if they are within the above cross section range. If you are in doubt about your wires, we are happy to process samples of them.rsiniz. 

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